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Q1. What is the difference between the Nero and Onyx coloured EcoGranit® sinks?
Nero and Onyx are both black, however there is a slight colour difference. Nero is a matt black (completely black all over), whereas Onyx has a slight white fleck through.

When purchasing a sink and tap combo be sure to check the tap finishes are the same matches if you want the tap to be identical to your bowl eg. Onyx bowl paired with an Onyx tap.

Q2. Can I fit a waste disposal unit to EcoGranit sinks?
Yes all EcoGranit sinks fit waste disposal units.
Q3. What are some points to consider under mounting the EcoGranit Bowls into Solid Surface?
The Adhesive we recommend to use for under mounting EcoGranit bowls is Bostic Simson 70-03. You can get this in black, white or grey. It is available from Adhesives & Sealants in Tauranga (Ph 07 577 0812)
In 10 minutes it forms a skin & is easy to clean up. You need to leave it for 12-24hrs to set, one its set is it super strong. Benchtop Fabricators have had to cut the stone to separate the bowl once this glue is set. They say a 38kg concrete block pushed on to a wall immediately will stay there when using this glue!

Other recommendations are; Don't use acid cure silicone - it will leach through engineered stone in months/years to come.
Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone. Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance.
Q4. How strong is my EcoGranit Sink?
Very Strong!! Made from 85% crushed Quartz, EcoGranit is 3 times harder than natural granite. View the video on our website of the Gun test. These sinks are strong – bulletproof in fact.
Q5. Will my EcoGranit sink scratch or chip?
EcoGranit manufacturing processes ensures the Quartz content (the hardest ingredient) is drawn to the surface of the Sink. This makes the work surface highly resistant to chipping or scratching. Stainless steel will scratch and dent, ceramic will crack. EcoGranit will withstand. View the drop test video on our website. You’ll be impressed.
Q6. Will my sink craze, fade or discolour over time?
EcoGranit is made from 15% Acrylic which will not fade or discolour, even in direct sunlight. Older products on the market discoloured because they were made using polyester which is not colour fast. Crazing is caused by heat. Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone. Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance. See question 7
Q7. Will it stain?
No. EcoGranit Sinks are Stain resistant. Over 40 common household chemicals have been tested including Red wine, beetroot, hair dye, to name a few. EcoGranit is non porous.
Q8. Are EcoGranit sinks easy to clean?
Absolutely. Normal household detergent and a damp non abrasive cloth will remove everyday marks. For tougher marks or lime scale buildup, an EcoGranit Easy care cleaning kit is available for purchase from Heritage Hardware. View cleaning videos here!
Q9. Are they best under mounted, over mounted or are they suitable for both?
Both mounting options are suitable when using solid surface bench tops. When using a laminate bench, top mounting is recommended. In Germany 80% of benches are laminate, making top mounting a popular option.
Q10. How resistant to heat is my sink?
Very resistant. EcoGranit bowls have been tested and proven to be heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius. They were tested using a pot of hot wax heated to 180 degrees, which was then placed on the sink for 20 minutes. No adverse effects or damage occurred to the sink at all.
Q11. Is my EcoGranit Sink resistant to chemicals?
Yes it is. EcoGranit has been independently tested in a German laboratory using DIN testing methodology. Independent test results can be provided.
Q12. Is EcoGranit food safe?
Definitely. No materials used in the manufacture of EcoGranit are in any way harmful to humans. Again this has been independently tested, of which results can be provided.
Q13. What warranty does EcoGranit have?
For your total peace of mind, EcoGranit is covered by our 30 year warranty. This protects you against the highly unlikely event of product faultiness or malfunction. Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone. Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance.
Q14. Where are they made?
The home of EcoGranit is the factory called Schock located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, one hour North West of Munich, Germany.
Q15. Are EcoGranit sinks expensive?
Do they look expensive – yes. Do they cost a lot – no they don’t. The EcoGranit range from Heritage is exceptional value for money. With most of the range priced between $300-$600, this is an investment you must make. You will not be disappointed.
Q16. How do I drill the tap holes into an Ecogranit sink?
We recommend drilling not punching therefore you can purchase an EcoGrant hole saw here and view our video below to see how this is easily done.

Q17. What are Ecogranit Sinks made of?
Ingredients of Ecogranit Sinks are:

Filler: Quartz Sand, colour coated or natural

Resin: Pure virgin Acrylic Resin

Additives: Colour Pigments if needed, Peroxides, Crosslinker

Download PDF here!
Q18. Can EcoGranit sinks be undermounted into laminate surface?
Read a testimonial from an established bench top fabricator here
Q19. My local Council has requested the flow rate of the overflows on your EcoGranit sinks before allowing to be installed. The minimum flow rate required is 12 litres per minute.
The minimum flow rate of overflows in the EcoGranit sinks would be 0.25ltrs / second ( as according to  EN274 part 1) or (14 litres per minute)
Q20. If I under mount my EcoGranit sink the pre-drilled tap hole becomes off centre. Do I have to use the pre-drilled hole or can I drill a new tap hole, and can the new tap hole be partially over the pre-drilled hole? Also can I use the Disposable drill that’s provided with my sink to drill the new hole?
Yes you can have a new tap hole centred partially over the predrilled hole, that is not a problem. However the new hole will need to be drilled from the top by your plumber or with an EcoGranit tap drill, as the Disposable drill does not have a centre pilot drill. Otherwise it is common for the tap to be mounted on the Benchtop in an undermount situation. Your Benchtop manufacturer would in this case drill the tap hole.
Q21. Can I use bleach on my EcoGranit® sink to clean or soak items?
Yes you can, Bleach if fine to use on all EcoGranit® sinks. Just add one cup of bleach to four cups of hot water and rinse off with cold water.
Q22. How do I clean my EcoGranit sink daily?
Your daily clean for EcoGranit sinks in 3 easy steps;
  1. Mix warm water and dish washing liquid together
  2. Thoroughly wash the surface with a EcoGranit cleaning sponge
  3. Rinse off with clean water and your done
View the video here