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Q1. What is the process for ordering a Eurostone seamless bench top?
The ordering process is simple for a seamless benchtop, All you need to do is send your requirements to Hastings Laminates (Approved Seamless fabricator) and they will email you a proposal for the seamless benchtop within 24 hours for approval.
Q2. What are the sheet sizes?
3050mm x 1400mm sheets
Q3. Who is the Fabricator for the seamless bench top?
We have a fabricator in Hawkes Bay that we work in with, who has been trained in the seamless process by skilled craftsman in Europe and guarantees all work.
Q4. Will the fabrication by your approved fabricator, be to my standard?
Absolutely, your benchtop will be fabricated in a professional manner and to the highest standard you require.
Q5. Will join be on-going point of weakness?
No, the join will become one of the strongest areas of the benchtop due to the patented seamless process.
Q6. How will waterfall ends work?
There will be no difference to how this is done now, depending on if you do a butt join or a mitre joint, your fabricator will advise on the type of join that will need to be used. (Mitre or butt join.)
Q7. Can I offer my clients mitered bench tops with a seamless join
At the moment we are concentrating on straight 20mm tops.
Q8. Who has the responsibility for templating?
This will be the responsibility of your fabricator and installer of the bench top.
Q9. Who carries the guarantee for the Seamless bench top workmanship?
The seamless fabricator guarantees all their work with a 12 year guarantee.
Q10. How will the bench tops be transported to the job?
Hastings Laminate & Stone will be transport the tops to site themselves, however if your are having the top installed out of the Hawkes Bay region you will need to organize transport with Hastings Laminate and Stone to ensure your benchtop arrives in perfect condition.
Q11. How big can I go with a seamless bench top?
This will depend on the physical implications of large bench tops, what is the weight, can the top be transported, lifting the top into your home and positioning.
Q12. What are the size limitations for the bench top?
Technically there are no limitations on the size of the benchtop, however you will need to consider the above answer - see question 11.
Q13. How long will it take to get my bench top from the time I place my order to receiving the bench top?
No more than 15 working days from final template sign off with all applicable information. (Please note – Bench tops will not be started until this has been signed off.
Q14. Are the sheets all batch matched?
Yes all sheets supplied to you whether it be in a prefabricated seamless top or are individual sheets we will ensure all Eurostone material is supplied from the same batch.
Q15. What is the available thickness for a seamless bench top?
20mm as a finished product at this point.
Q16. Are all the colours able to be done with the seamless join?
Q17. Who do I contact for more information on the Seamless process?
You can contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 0800 SEAMLESS (0800 732 653) or contact Hastings Laminate & Stone on 06 879 8564