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Q1. Can Heritage sinks be welded into stainless steel?
Most of them Yes, however we recommend you Contact us for confirmation and we can also provide you with a list of approved Sink Fabricators nationwide. 
Q2. Are these stainless steel sinks AISI 304 18/10 Grade?
Yes, under our strict quality control policy we have our sinks independently tested at an Auckland Laboratory to ensure consistency.
Q3. Will my stainless steel sink scratch?
All stainless steel sinks will scratch with use regardless of the brand. However as time goes on the sink will age and develop its own patina, and the scratches will become less apparent until such a time where they will actually blend into the surface and will not be noticed. 
Q4. What is a Basket Waste?
A Basket Waste acts as a plug but also collects all the bits of left over food floating in the sink water. The Basket Waste can be removed from the sink and emptied into the waste bin, thus preventing drain blockage. 
Q5. What is a Pop-Up Waste?
It is a switch fitted to the sink which when you turn it pops up the Basket Strainer Waste allowing the water to drain from the sink. The benefit is that you don't have to put your hand into the hot water to remove the plug. Once the water has drained you can remove the Basket waste and dispose of any bits of food that have been left behind.
Q6. What does the gauge of the stainless steel mean?
The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. An easy rule of thumb is, the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker and better the stainless steel. Therefore, 18 gauge is better than 20 gauge.
Q7. Why is water spotting my sink?
If water is left standing anywhere on your stainless steel sink, it will evaporate and leave a film (spots) on the surface of the steel. This film can be removed with regular dish soap and water and a soft cloth. For removing heavier residue, you may use Autosol Metal Polish with a soft cloth.
Q8. How do I maintain my stainless steel sink?
Regularly rinse and towel dry your sink after use to keep its surface exposed to oxygen. (Oxygen reacts with chromium in the steel to form a strong, highly protective chrome oxide film on the surface of your sink. It is this film that makes stainless resistant to corrosion and gives it a remarkably long life.)
Q9. My sink is showing rust spots and discolouring - why is this?
The Stainless steel used in all Heritage Sinkware is high quality stainless steel which is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions. There are several reasons why your sink may appear to be rusting or discolouring. Ferrous particles and filings from the water supply can be deposited on your sink especially with newer installations when the pipework has not been flushed, is disturbed, or from ‘wire' scouring pads, utensils and metal cooking implements. These filings once deposited will bond to the sink surface and unless removed these particles will rust which will give the appearance that the sink is rusting. Also in many houses you have plumbing connections within the water line containing copper, brass and stainless steel. For example you may have a stainless steel sink, a chrome plated brass tap and copper piping. If these 3 metals are not equipotentially bonded you can have a reaction (like electrolysis) that causes rusting.
Q10. How do I prevent this or remove these rust spots and discolouring?
To prevent rust spots and discolouring you should ensure your plumber or installer flushes all the plumbing lines properly and applies filters if necessary. Also ensure installer has the sink earthed (refer FAQ11 & 12) To remove any surface corrosion, place a small amount of Sink Miracle stainless steel sink cleaner on a damp or dry cloth. Rub in the direction of the grain on the bottom or sides of the bowl. Please do not use a silver dip cleaner or steel wool. Thoroughly rinse and towel dry. We would point out that unless the particles are completely removed they will return and MOST IMPORTANTLY ensure that your sink is earthed. (refer FAQ Q11 & 12) It is therefore very important that after cleaning the sink, it is dried thoroughly. This process needs to continue at least daily for a period of 7 to 10 days until the problem disappears. The problem is sometimes particularly obstinate to remove and it may take several attempts to restore the sink to its pristine condition. In rare circumstances your local stainless steel fabricator may need to apply a special acid wash to restore its beauty.
Q11. Should my sink be earthed and why?
Yes - Under the NZ electrical code of practice it is a requirement that sink benchtops are earthed. Electrical contractors should satisfy themselves that the sink installation conforms to the relevant sections under this code. Since water is a good electrical conductor, any electrical leakage (from a faulty circuit) will use any moisture to travel to earth. Therefore earthing the sink will prevent electrocution.
Q12. What could happen if my sink is not earthed?
If your installer fails to earth your sink back to the switch board you could risk electrocution which could be fatal. It has also been proven that your sink will be prone to rust spots and discoluring if it is not earthed. Refer FAQ9 for this.
Q13. Can I cut out my benchtop using the measurements provided?
Actual measurements of all sinks should be checked before cutting into benchtops. We say measure twice, cut once.
Q14. How much money should I spend on a kitchen sink?
Did you realise that in your new kitchen you will spend at least 50% of your time utilizing the kitchen sink! Does this mean you spend 50% of your kitchen budget on the sink? No not really however we suggest you will find the sink to best suit your kitchen and needs if you allow between 5 and 10% of your kitchen budget.
Q15. What is a Spazio Space Saving plumbing kit?
Ensures maximum space utilization and gives under sink space to accommodate extra shelving, rubbish bin, appliances and more. You can buy these as a separate component if your sink doesn't have one.
Q16. Does all Heritage Sinkware have a warranty and what is it?
Yes, you are reading about a complete range of sinkware that carries a limited 30 year warranty to the consumer. All Heritage Sinkware carries a limited 30 year warranty stating that the sink is free from faulty workmanship or materials. If any faulty workmanship or materials is proven during the warranty period Heritage Hardware at its own discretion will either: Replace, repair or refund the original purchase amount. This guarantee is non transferable and should be read in conjunction with our current Terms of Trade which a copy is available from our office. Complaints should be made in writing and should include proof of purchase. This warranty excludes liability for any consequential or incidental expenditure or damage.
Q17. My friend has a square sink that is hard to clean into the corners - why is this?
Aha - we can understand the frustration. The reason will be because his or her sink has a zero (0) radius on internal corners which means it is a totally square therefore virtually impossible to get clean. The reason our Quadra and Robiq square sinks are so popular are because they have a 10mm and 12mm internal radius which is about the shape of the end of your finger, so the square look is still maintained whilst making cleaning those internal corners a breeze. You'll no longer have to use that spare toothbrush to get into those tight corners - there are none!
Q18. Can I purchase a sink but have it delivered direct to my benchtop fabricator to install?
Certainly. All orders over $250 are freight free nationwide, so order today before 4 pm and it can be on its way to wherever you choose. You will need to ensure the end receiver checks for any freight damage immediately so there is no disappointment.
Q19. If I have a waste disposal unit on the sink, where do I connect the overflow into?
Have your plumber install an inline pipe connector with a 45 degree elbow. This will allow you to connect the plumbing to the waste outlet on the waste disposal unit, and then with a flexible hose – take this from the overflow and connect into the 45 degree elbow.
Q20. My sink insert was supplied with the Spazio Space Saving kit, however when the Plumber tried to connect this to the waste pipes they would not connect. What do I do?
All you need to do is have your plumber supply a 40mm waste adapter, and use this to connect the 2 pipes, and this will rectify the problem.
Q21. How do I topmount or undermount my sink?
Sink Installation Instructions
Q22. How thick is the stainless steel used for your bowls?
The thickness of the stainless steel varies from 0.7mm to 1.2mm.
Q23. Can all your sinks be fitted with a waste disposal unit?
Q24. Do all your sinks have overflows?
Yes, except for the Ceramic bowls.
Q25. How big is the waste hole measurement of a standard sink?
Standard waste hole measurement is 90mm.
Q26. Can the Robiq sink range be welded into stainless steel?
Yes - using the finest 304 Grade 18/10 stainless steel at 1.0mm thick, makes these the perfect choice for welding into stainless steel
Q27. How does the Spazio plumbing kit work?
Utilise space using the Spazio Plumbing Kit which neatly directs all the piping back under the sink towards the back of cabinet to accommodate the installation of shelving, a drawer or to store household goods. Download PDF file here for more info.