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What is Book-matched stone

Tuesday, July, 2017

Kitchen design for 2017 has a penchant for heavily patterned marble. But there’s a new trend emerging that makes this beautiful stone trend even more eye catching – let us explain.

Book-matching is the process of aligning two or more pieces of stone to give the pattern a mirrored effect.

This process is even more impressive when a horizontal surface meets a vertical surface such as a benchtop and backsplash.

We saw many examples of this trend emerging when visiting Interzum furniture and trade show in Germany.

Interzum Trade Show 2017
Interzum Trade Show 2017

The most common installation technique is pattern matching, where you to follow the movement in the stone – from one slab to another, in the same direction.

Interzum Trade Show 2017The Pavilion House

What does book-matching mean?

As the name suggests – book-matching is the process of aligning two or more stone slabs so the surfaces create a mirror effect when joined at the seam (like an open book).

Open book

How do I book-match two slabs?

Check the batch number at the edge top of each slab to find a letter R or L (left or right). Half our stock will be R slabs and half L slabs, so please request a R and L slab if the book-match effect is required.

batch number

Join the two, by matching L and R, and you will create a book-match effect. See image below for an example to get the look with Heritage stone in Pearl Grey.

Pearl Grey Book-Matched Effect

What kind of applications suit book-matched stone?

Book-matched stone slabs provide a stunning result and are best displayed in a large area where the full effect can be appreciated. Suggested applications include a large kitchen island benchtop, kitchen splashbacks or feature walls. The book-matched stone effect can give the impression of abstract art, sometimes creating patterns, shapes or faces in the process.

Which colours can be book-matched?

In the Heritage engineered stone range, both Pearl Grey and Glacier Nova colours can be book-matched.

Pearl Grey
Glacier Nova

Does book-matching cost more than using a standard layout?

Book-matching can be time consuming and restrict layout options – making it a more expensive option. Our approved engineered stone Fabricators can work with you to answer any questions about the process and to work out the best use of material and layout for your project. There’s only one option to create a book-matched effect, but leftover stone can be incorporated into other projects such as splashbacks, waterfall ends and small tables etc.

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