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Prepstation D-150

A new dimension for the kitchen

The kitchen then: A workspace

For the house­wife of yesteryear, the kitchen was purely functional. The room was her well-or­gan­ised work­space. De­spite the in­ven­tion of the dish­washer, the wash­ing up was still largely done by hand be­cause the cut­lery and crock­ery were not dish­washer safe. The sink was about wash­ing up and cook­ing was about mak­ing meals that fill you up.

The kitchen now: The hub of the home

Today we are see­ing a de­par­ture from the idea of the kitchen as little more than a work­space, with a move to­wards a new, open-plan con­cept of kitchen ar­chi­tec­ture. The kitchen as the hub of the home, a place for liv­ing and for hang­ing out. With the wash­ing up now taken care of by highly ef­fi­cient dish­wash­ers, today's kitchen sink of­fers smart so­lu­tions to trans­form it­self into a func­tional ex­ten­sion of the work­top. The en­tire wet zone sup­ports the cook by pro­vid­ing a per­fect place to pre­pare a var­ied range of fresh pro­duce, with food prep nat­u­rally mak­ing up the bulk of the cook­ing process.


Technical drawing