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EcoGranit sinks

Stylish EcoGranit® sinks are manufactured by Schock, Germany, using 85% quartz with 15% acrylic and colour pigments. The high quality, sustainable sinkware range is durable, stain resistant and inspired by nature. Available in an extensive range of colours, shapes and sizes.

*Check actual bowl measurements before installation.

Made in Germany
The sinks are manufactured exclusively in Germany to extremely rigorous quality standards.

Natural raw materials are fully recyclable and friendly to our environment.

Made to last

Durability backed by our 30 year limited warranty.


Food stains cannot stick.


Material is much tougher than granite.

Pro Hygienic 21

Non-porous finish leaves no place for bacteria to thrive.

Food safe

No nasty chemical composites.

Heat proof

Not temperature sensitive.

Odour free
Leaves the surface free of smells.

Dirt repellent effect
The dirt simply runs off.

Fast delivery
Same day dispatch on courier sized parcels.

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Disclaimer: All descriptions are intended as a guide only. For additional technical information, full dimension and installation specifications, please refer to the instruction and installation manuals supplied with our products. Unless stated otherwise, accessories are not included. For most sink products, the minimum cabinet size listed is the internal measurement of the cabinet.