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Eurostone® Seamless Technology


Shape the future without limits
We bring you tomorrow’s future today. Seamless Technology - the greatest advancement since the creation of engineered stone.

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Engineered to perfection, Eurostone® seamless technology has been developed by our European supplier Marmo Arredo to offer the world’s first patented ‘seamless technology’, a completely flawless finish to suit any length and design. Never again will you be confined by connecting joins and corner lines when designing your perfect kitchen bench top. With Eurostone’s seamless technology they have disappeared.

Eurostone® is made using 94% crushed quartz and has a flexural strength more than three times as strong as granite.

Unique and extraordinary technical properties make for an innovative surface material, perfect for your new kitchen bench top and without the limitations of connecting lines and corner seams.

Eurostone® is very durable, hygienic and completely non-absorbent. Eurostone® surfaces are stain-resistant, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, backed with our 12 year warranty for your peace of mind.

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