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Engineered Stone Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Eurostone and Heritage provides a Twelve Year Warranty to the original owners of our Engineered Stone quartz slabs that the product will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 years from the date of installation.

Although the product is carefully inspected prior to shipping or delivery, it is the responsibility of the owner to thoroughly inspect the product upon its receipt.

Any damage to the product there after is the responsibility of the owner.

Final inspection and approval of the installation is also the owner’s responsibility.

The Warranty shall apply only where a product is properly fabricated and installed for residential or commercial interior use only, by approved fabricators, subject to the exclusions set out below, is used for its intended purpose, and is maintained and used strictly in accordance with the Eurostone® care and maintenance instructions.

All warranty claims must be received by Eurostone® within 28 days of discovery of a manufacturing fault that falls within this Warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

The Warranty shall be null and void unless the product has been paid for in full. The Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not apply to material subjected to damage due to mishandling, structural movement, abnormal use, misuse, physical chemical or exposure to direct or sustained heat, cold (thermal shock), exposure to chemicals, force, pressure or loading applied by a person, utensil or object.

The Warranty does not cover damage or effects caused by poor installation or improper, insuffcient or poorly designed support, cabinets, structures, substrate or sub-floors for bench tops, vertical surfaces or floor tiles.

The Warranty does not cover quality of installation or damage caused by the installer or fabricator. Installation or fabrication issues must be resolved directly with the point of purchase and are the sole responsibility of the owner and the point of purchase and not of Eurostone® and are not covered by the Warranty.

The Warranty does not cover transportation, freight, removal, disposal and re-installation, fabrication or associated costs beyond the cost of the material, unless these costs have been quoted to, and pre-approved by Heritage Hardware.

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