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Engineered stone samples

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Your engineered stone bench top is one of a kind, due to quartz being a natural element each bench top will be unique, and as such there may be a variance in the sample you receive. We recommend viewing current stock so your colour expectations are met.

Black specs Because our engineered stone is 94% quartz, cured with resin it will show irregular stone particles, this is the beauty of the product. When compared to man made or synthetic products, which are consistent in colour you may notice black specs in white stone, this is because quartz is mined from the earth, and while it is screened and colour graded to move most impurities it is not possible to remove them all without compromising the integrity of the stone.

Santamarherita Note: This product is made from natural materials and is subject to variations in colour, shade and grain structure. There may be a certain range of inconsistent variation, such as channels, dips, ridges, depressions and indentations. The textured finish gives the surface unique characteristics where no two installations are exactly the same. Please note that textured finishes can require more daily maintenance than polished surfaces. Marks can be more visible in darker colours. Clean surface as needed using a daily cleaner recommended for natural stone surfaces and a clean, soft cloth.